Quality Controls

1. Introduction

The Three Treasures®, Woman’s Treasure™ and Little Treasures® are Chinese herbal formulae created by Giovanni Maciocia® in 1995 and are made available to professional healthcare practitioners globally. Giovanni Maciocia® is widely regarded as a preeminent professor of Chinese Medicine in the West. Their continued popularity for almost a quarter of a century and counting is testament to the quality of the formulae and their success in clinical practice. Quality control is a top priority and the formulae are free from:

  • No Aristolic acid;
  • No Hydrogenated oils;
  • No magnesium stearate;
  • No animal products;
  • No mineral ingredients;
  • No heavy metals;
  • No pesticides;
  • No contaminants;
  • No toxic herbs or banned herbs.

The Three Treasures® and Woman’s Treasure™ are produced using only fully authenticated concentrated herbal powders. The powders have been tested for pesticides, heavy metals, bio-burden and, where necessary, aflatoxins. Each tablet contains a 5:1 concentrate.

The Three Treasures® are primarily based on traditional Chinese formulae but adapted by Giovanni, based on his extensive clinical experience, to meet the patterns displayed by Western patients as opposed to Chinese patients. Some of the formulae are based on his own formulations. Please refer to the Formulae section of the website for further information.

2. Which formulae contain Gluten?
  • Benefit the Sinews™
  • Buddha’s Hand™
  • Release Constraint™
  • Searching Soul™
  • Soothe the Centre™
  • Soothe the Shen™
  • Clear the Palace™
  • Freeing Constraint™

3. Manufacturers

Balance Healthcare Limited and Acurea USA are licensed as the Master Distributors of the Three Treasures®, Woman’s Treasure™ and Little Treasures® globally. They are responsible for selecting, and periodically reviewing, our manufacturers who all have GMP licensed facilities.

USA Production
Our manufacturers in the US are local and State licensed, FDA registered, and cGMP certified:

1. The Little Treasures liquid concentrates are manufactured by Far East Summit. They use a “low heat” multi-phase process to maximise herbal activity. Click here to review their quality control processes.

2. The Three Treasures and Woman’s Treasure tablets are manufactured by Qualiherb (Sheng Chang Pharmaceutical Company). Click here to review their quality control processes.

Outside of the USA, Sun Ten manufacture the Three Treasures® and Woman’s Treasure™ tablets, and Little Treasures® concentrated powders. Click here to review their quality control processes.

The Little Treasures are presented Inthe form of granules made from concentrated herbal powders using the most advanced manufacturing processes available and undergoing rigorous testing procedures to guarantee their consistent high quality. All raw herbs are subject to strict identification protocols and are purchased from suppliers adhering to Good Agricultural Practice (GAP).

The Little Treasures granules are free from wheat, yeast, dairy, gluten, artificial flavourings/colourings and animal products.

4. Dosage of Three Treasures®, Women’s Treasure™ and Little Treasures®

Use only as directed by your health professional. Do not take whilst pregnant or breastfeeding/nursing. Keep out of reach of children. Sure in a cool, dry place. Professional practitioners should take the following factors into account in every case:

The Full or Empty Character of the Condition
In Empty patterns the dosage can be lower than in Full patterns. Thus, for all the formulae in the Clearing category and the Nourishing and Clearing category, the dosage can be higher than for those in the Nourishing category.

Chronic vs Acute Conditions
In acute cases, the dosage should be higher. For example, if we are using Expel Wind-Heat™ for a severe invasion of Wind-Heat with fever, swollen tonsils, pronounced aches, etc., then the patient can take 9 or even more tablets in 24 hours. In contrast, there is no point in treating a chronic condition with a high dose, because it can change only slowly.

Age of the Patient
Old people and children need lower doses. A newborn baby should not be treated at all and it is preferable not to treat any baby under 12 months of age unless absolutely imperative. Infants and children up to 6 years old should have a third of a dose; children between 6 and 14 half a dose; after that, a full dose.

A simple formula to calculate the dosage for children is as follows:
Age / Age + 12 x dose

For example, if an adult dose is 6 grams per day, the dosage for a 6-year-old would be:
6 / 6 + 12 x 6 grams = 1.99 grams

The dosage should also be reduced in the elderly: approximately half a dose after 70 and a third of a dose after 80.

Condition and Body-build of the Patient
The weaker the patient, the lower the dose. Thus, a frail old lady should have a lower dose than a large, corpulent man.

The Condition Itself
The dosage should be adjusted also according to the severity of symptoms. For example, the dosage of Chemo- and Radio-Support should be varied according to the severity of the adverse reactions to chemo- or radio-therapy. For example, an average dose for these formulae might be about 4-6 tablets a day, but if the adverse reactions to the therapy are severe this dosage can be increased.

The Digestive System
The weaker the patient’s digestive system, the lower the dose. This is a very important consideration: Western patients have weaker digestive systems than Chinese people and are easily upset by herbal tablets (more than by decoctions). If a patient experiences a digestive upset, make sure that he or she is taking the tablets after food and with hot water.