The Three Treasures
Women's Treasure and Little Treasures

"Classical Formulae for the Modern World"

Modern adaptation of traditional Chinese herbal formulae created by Giovanni Maciocia based on his over 39 years of research and clinical experience.



Created by Giovanni Maciocia for practitioners, classical Chinese formulaes and modern originals based on his years of research and clinical experience.



Women's Treasure products are based on classical Chinese formulaes with special added focus and consideration on women's health issues.



These products address some of the most common children’s complaints and are formulated to keep into account children’s distinctive aetiology and pathology.

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Giovanni Maciocia

World-Renowned Practitioner of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine

In 1995, Giovanni Maciocia formulated 38 formulae for the treatment of various common complaints, called The Three Treasures, and 26 formulae for the treatment of gynaecological complaints, called Women's Treasure. More recently, 12 new formulae called The Little Treasures have been added for the distinctive aetiology and pathology of children. All of the formulae represent a culmination of Giovanni's over 35-years of research and clinical experience.

The Three Treasures and The Little Treasures combine classical prescriptions and new formulations designed by Giovanni to fill in what he perceived to be gaps in existing remedies from China and the West while the Women's Treasure formulae are all variations of classical prescriptions.