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Case Histories - Painful Periods (3)

A 40-year-old woman had been suffering from painful periods for 7 years. The periods were regular and the flow was normal, lasting 4 days. The blood was bright-red with small clots. The pain was in the central part of the lower abdomen and was better with the application of heat. She also suffered from occasional tinnitus and night-sweating and from frequent urination. She felt generally cold and tired. Her tongue was Pale, tending to Bluish-Purple and Swollen, and her pulse was Weak on both Kidneys positions.


The painful period is due to Empty Cold in the Uterus (bright-red menstrual blood with small clots, alleviation of the pain by heat) with an underlying deficiency of Kidney-Yang.


I prescribed Warm the Palace for Empty Cold in the Uterus to be taken during the period and Unicorn Pearl to tonify Kidney-Yang to be taken for about 10 days after the period.