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Case Histories - Painful Periods (2)

A 29-year-old woman had been suffering from painful periods for 10 years. Her periods came regularly but were very painful, the pain being of a severe, cramping nature; the menstrual blood was clotted and she felt noticeably cold during the period. The pain was alleviated by the application of heat. She also suffered from backache, dizziness, tinnitus and frequent urination. She had been suffering from allergic asthma from the age of 7 and her urine was very pale during an asthma attack. Her tongue was Pale and her pulse was Fine but also slightly Tight.


This is a clear case of Cold in the Uterus causing the periods to be painful: the signs of Cold in the Uterus are severe, cramping pain, clots, feeling cold during the period and alleviation of the pain by the application of heat. She also suffers from an underlying Kidney-Yang deficiency (backache, dizziness, tinnitus, frequent urination) which is also the cause of allergic asthma: the paleness of the urine during an asthma attack is a particularly telling symptom.


I used Warm the Menses to expel Cold from the Uterus and acupuncture to treat the underlying condition by tonifying Kidney-Yang. The combination and integration of a herbal remedy to treat the Manifestation (Biao) and acupuncture to treat the Root (Ben) is particularly useful.