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Case Histories - Menopausal Syndrome (1)

A 50-year-old woman had started experiencing menopausal problems 2 years previously after her periods stopped. She complained of hot flushes, night sweating, some hair loss, nails breaking easily and backache. Her tongue was slightly Pale and her pulse was weak in general and especially Weak and Deep on both Rear positions.


Although she had few symptoms, the prevailing patterns are those of Kidney Yang deficiency and some Liver-Blood deficiency. The menopausal symptoms of hot flushes and night-sweating indicate Empty Heat from Kidney deficiency, as do the backache and hair loss. Since the pulse is Weak on both Rear positions, the only factor that points to Kidney-Yang deficiency is the Pale colour of the tongue. As explained in the chapter on Pathology (ch. 3), in women over 50 a deficiency of the Kidneys nearly always involves a deficiency of both Yin and Yang, albeit always in differing proportions. Thus, when Kidney-Yang is primarily deficient, Kidney-Yin also becomes slightly deficient, giving rise to the Empty Heat symptoms that cause the menopausal problems. Figures 3.1, 3.2 and 3.3 illustrate this clinical situation. In this patient, the brittle nails indicate some Liver-Blood deficiency.

Treatment principle

The treatment principle in this case is to tonify Kidney-Yang primarily and nourish Kidney-Yin secondarily, and to nourish Liver-Blood. She was treated only with herbal medicine.

Herbal treatment

Since her menopausal symptoms were not very severe and she did not have many other symptoms, I opted for treating her only with patent remedies. I used the Women's Treasure's remedies Ease the Journey - Yang combined with Ease the Journey - Yin: I suggested 2 tablets of the former in the morning and 1 of the latter in the evening. The combination of these two remedies at such a low dose controlled the menopausal symptoms very effectively after 2 months and she felt much better in general. I suggested to her that she should continue taking the remedies for quite a long time to help her during the transition years.