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Case Histories - Chest Pain

A 55-year-old man suffered from chest pain on exercise. Apart from this, he had not many other symptoms at all, except for some lower backache and a cold feeling. However, his tongue and pulse clearly showed the presence of a definite pathology. His tongue had a normal colour but was purple on the sides in the chest area (see figure 1); his pulse was Firm, especially on the right side and Weak on both Rear positions (Kidneys). The Firm pulse is Wiry but only at the Deep level and it usually indicates Blood stasis in the Interior; a pulse that is Firm on the right side may also indicate a pathology of the Chong Mai. This is consistent with this man's pathology as the Chong Mai connects with the heart and one of its indications is chest pain. My diagnosis was Blood stasis in the Heart occurring against a background of Kidney-Yang deficiency. I decided to give this patient Red Stirring, 2 tablets twice a day to treat the Manifestation, i.e. Blood stasis in the Heart and attended to the Root by treating him with acupuncture. After two months, the purple patches on his tongue had completely disappeared and he did not experience chest pain anylonger.