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Case Histories - Bursitis

A 75-year old woman had been suffering from bursitis of the shoulder joint manifesting with pain in the acromio-clavicular joint and over the scapula; the movement of shoulder (abduction) was severely restricted and the pain was intense. Her pulse was Wiry and Slippery and generally Full and her tongue had a normal colour, although the sublingual veins were quite dark-purple. The intensity of the pain, the restriction of movement and the dark-purple colour of the sublingual veins led me to the conclusion that, within the usual pathology of Bi syndrome's invasion of Cold, there was also an element of Blood stasis. After treating this patient with acupuncture three times I therefore gave her Red Stirring, one tablet three times a day: the use of this remedy definitely produced a marked improvement and helped the acupuncture to work better by eliminating Blood stasis in the joint.